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FREE SHIPPING!!!  The Sun Oven is the perfect solution for cooking or drying food items.  Cooking temperatures at midday on a sunny day, winter as well as summer,  are in the 300+ degree F. range so you can easily cook a whole chicken with vegetables and rice in a few hours.   When the thermometer hits 100 degrees F., the internal temperature will exceed 400 degrees F.   In summer, it is a real relief to cook outdoors without heating up the house.  We always take ours camping so we can leave a frozen meal in the oven pointed southwest while we're out of camp on a sunny day .  We know that we will return to a nice hot dinner, ready to eat.
The price is a bit steep but we have owned one for about 15 years now and still use it quite often to cook pies, bread, cookies, caseroles, ratatoulli, chicken, and anything else that we can fit into the baking chamber.   It still cooks as well today as it did when we first bought it so we think that we have gotten our money's worth already.  We do expect that this stove will last quite a few years more. 
Nevada residents will have to pay the 7.5% state sales tax on top of the $279.00.

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5 product stars
it is a wonderful thing! - alyson osters - 1/11/2010
i was given a sun oven as a gift many years ago and love it! it is light and easy to use. if the sun is is my sun oven!

5 product stars
sun oven - susan henderson - 1/17/2010
we have had bill do product demonstrations with the sun oven at our nursery, the flower tree. the meals have always been wonderful, and it is fun to take customers by to see it bubbling away on a sunny day.

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