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Seeds per Packet
30 each for --  tomato,  eggplant, pepper, chili,
50 each for --  beets,
100 ea.  for --  carrots, basil, kale, tat soi

Seed Cleaning: We clean our seed by hand without expensive equipment so some chafe may accompany such seeds as lettuce and sunflower.  Minimum seed count per packet will still be met.
Estimated processing time:    We normally process orders and get them in the mail within one week. 
Liability:    In case of seed failure or other related problem, our liability extends only to replacing the seeds or refunding the purchase price.   
Checks: We will fill and hold your order until your check clears our bank.   Once the check clears, we will send out the order within one week. 
Back orders: We do not plan to use back orders at this time. 
Large quantities:   For the present  we can only offer seeds in single packs of individual orders up to 60 packs.   Historically,  much of our  produce has been sold as food and seed saving was mostly an "in house" endeavor.  With our expanded seed business via the internet,  we will be devoting more land to seed development and hope to offer selected varieties in bulk starting next year. 
Open Pollinated vs. Hybrid seed   We have always preferred open pollinated varieties over hybrids.  While hybrids show their typical hybrid vigor, they are genetically static and unchanging,  always the same.  They are basically clones.   With open pollinated varieties, each plant is an individual and shows variation from others in the same way that (other than for identical twins) no two people are exactly alike.  These variations lead to differential success and allow us to select the most favorable ones as the breeding stock for the next generation.  In this way, open pollinated varieties can adapt to local conditions in a way hybrids cannot.   Over the years we have taken advantage of this natural system  to develop varieties that outperform their hybrid counterparts in flavor, plant structure, disease resistance, productivity and just about any other attribute one would wish to select for.

SunOvens: The price includes shipping to your house. 

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