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Determinant – 80 days  (formerly Homesweet) 

Vigorous, disease-resistant * vines form medium to large round red fruit with thick, full flavored, sweet juicy flesh.   First set yields heaviest but will continue setting until frost.  This has become our favorite red tomato for our table as well as for sun drying and filling our CSA baskets.    Over ten years of selection here in Fallon make this one a reliable producer of excellent quality fruit, even under poor conditions.  In 2009 we planted some Celebrity tomatoes near our Farmsweets for comparison.  We found that the Farmsweets had more vigorous  vines with better shading along with larger and more numerous fruit.    Celebrity fruit have great structure and flavor but in blind tastings, our Farmsweets usually prevail.  It is a stable descendant of the Homesweet which is a Homestead Tomato cross.   The F1 hybrid Homesweet is still being sold commercially and we don't want our variety to be confused with the hybrid.   Our open-pollinated descendant has been adapting to Fallon's conditions for over 10 years and is definitely not a hybrid , so we felt it important to change its name to reflect both it heritage and  its unique character.  When, if ever, will it be considered an heirloom?  See discussion on the meaning of heirloom under the Store Link "Seed Saving information".        30 seeds per packet

*Please see discussion on Curly Top Virus in the Disease Resistance page under Store Links.


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Farmsweet Tomato
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