Korena’s Roma Tomato

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Korena’s Roma Tomato Summary

Determinant – 85 days

Originally Roma VF, this may be the first commercially available CTV resistant tomato.  It is a very productive paste tomato with excellent tomato flavor and disease tolerance.  
30 seeds per packet

This tomato is descended from the lone survivor of a virus kill-off in our roma patch over 15 years ago.   When compared with Roma VF, approximately twice as many Korenas Romas typically survive and produce fruit.  In 2009,  Lattin Farms planted 800 Korenas Romas and 500 Roma VFs side by side in two long rows.  By mid season it was clear that a high percent of the Korenas Romas were still healthy while over half of the Roma VFs were dead or dying from Curly-Top Virus (CTV) * or other disease.  Korena's Roma ripens about one week later than Roma VF yet it started out as Roma VF some 15+ years ago.  Korena's Roma ripens later but resists disease better than Roma VF.  We feel that the flavor is better too.

*Please see discussion on Curly Top Virus in the Disease Resistance page under Store Links in the left hand column.

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