Welcome to mewaldt organics

Welcome to Mewaldt Organics! 
From Bill and Korena Mewaldt
     Thanks so much for your support!!! 

Over the past 25 years we have tested 100's of varieties of food crops, herbs and flowers for their ability to withstand our harsh conditions.   We save seeds for those which show promise and hopefully improve them by selection for favorable traits.  We were already saving seeds as an integral  part of our organic farming operation so saving extra seeds to sell was an easy adjustment.  You now can get the benefit of our testing and selection.
Saving seeds is an important part of maintaining a sustainable garden or farm.  Once you find open-pollinated varieties that do well in your garden or farm, you are wise to save seeds from the best examples.  Over the years, you will generally find improvements in such things as flavor, disease resistance, vigor and productivity, among many others.  For more information on seed saving, see our store link.

Retail Outlets:  A selection of our seeds is usually available for sale at theFlowerTree Nursery in Fallon, Nevada and at the Great Basin Community Food Co-Op on Court Street in Reno.
Produce Outlets:  We market most of our produce through the Great Basin Community Food Co-op in Reno and several upscale restaurants in the Reno area including the Cheese Board and the 4th Street Bistro.  
                       protected seedlings and salad for home                                   
                         mamma keeping chicks warm                                                        
                                a batch of Korena's Romas                                                  

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